RBTI – Reams Testing



Reams Biological Theory of Ionization is derived from seven foundational metabolic parameters in the urine and saliva. The test yields valuable information on the efficiency of the digestive system and the immune system as well as specific information on what vitamins and minerals are not being assimilated into the body’s cellular structure.


Dr. Reams was an agricultural biochemist. He was known as an Einsteinian mathematical genius. He had a superb reputation for being able to work wonders with the soil, especially for golf course owners having turf trouble and for farmers with crop problems. Dr. Reams had a health retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. People seeking wellness would come to this retreat for several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. Many of them left feeling better than they had felt in years. It was quite amazing. In the later years of his life he made his expertise available in Thomasville, PA.  He was a man well before his time. He died in the 1980’s.


Dr. Reams called his technique, The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. He had adapted a soil and plant testing technique to test urine and saliva. It was a simple, non-invasive test that an individual could do in less than 10 minutes.

The test consisted of 7 parameters. It was accomplished by using laboratory instruments and techniques similarly used for agricultural testing.

  • Sugar (Carbohydrate) 1.5: Indicates the amount of potential energy available per pound of weight according to the individual.
  • Urine pH 6.4: Indicates the efficiency of the gastric juices of the stomach and how efficiently the kidneys are removing toxins from the body.
  • Saliva pH 6.4: Indicates the efficiency of liver and pancreatic enzymes.
  • Mineral Salts 7: Provides information regarding electrical conductance of the body fluids and whether the body is balanced in its electrolytes.
  • Cell Debris .04M: Indicates amount of cellular debris from cells breaking down.
  • Ureas 3/3: Indicate the waste products from protein metabolism.

Due to a personal obligation, Dr. Reams made the transition from soil chemistry analysis to body chemistry analysis. After years of testing many body fluids, Dr. Reams determined that urine and saliva provided the best medium for testing using his Theory of Biological Ionization.



Through extensive research, Dr. Carey Reams discovered the “perfect numbers” for Biological Ionization, which represent the ideal cellular resistance required for life, just as 98.6 degrees represents the perfect resistance (temperature) for a healthy body. The higher the resistance, the higher the temperature. The lower the resistance, the colder the temperature. Death may occur from either extreme.


We do not live off the food we eat but off the energy produced by the food we eat. It is believed that we receive approximately 20% of our mineral energy from this digestive principal. Approximately 80% comes from the atmosphere. The more efficient the digestion, the more efficient the body is in extracting mineral energy from the air.


Resistance is required for life. An excess of resistance can result in disease and death. Likewise, a deficiency of resistance can also result in disease and death. Dr. Reams determined that each of the 7 parameters, when all occurring simultaneously, represents the perfect 100% Metabolism Efficiency (the conversion of food into energy). The theory being that, if one could maintain a lifestyle that continually manifested the “perfect numbers”, there would be no premature aging.


Of course there is no such perfect world, hence aging does occur. The objective, using “Reams Testing” as a guide, is to determine the proper lifestyle that allows a person to age, but not prematurely age. As the metabolism efficiency decreases, premature aging is more likely to occur, predisposing one to the disease process.

How are urine and saliva tests different than a blood test? According to Dr. Reams, the blood changes every 15 minutes. The urine and saliva test was found to be more accurate. The testing of these two substances is amazingly accurate in determining the degree of wellness one might be experiencing and importantly what minerals, vitamins, and foods one should or should not eat.

Biological Ionization Analysis is an excellent metabolic biofeedback device to indicate whether a particular lifestyle is beneficial or detrimental for any individual. It gives specific information on what vitamins and minerals are not being assimilated into the body’s cellular structure. It provides biofeedback on a holistic (emotional, physical, spiritual) level.

Your Program for Wellness:

  • Consultations that include the Reams Test…
  • Custom Nutritional and Lifestyle Program utilizing Reams results.  Other analysis may be included such as the ZYTO bioscan or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.
  • All necessary nutritional supplementation to assist in balancing your numbers are the responsibility of the client. Herbs and the opportunity to order supplements are available at our facility dohi Center for Well-being.
  • Ancillary suggestions to complete your holistic program, many of which are offered at our facility dohi Center for Well-being for your convenience, such as meditation or counseling.

Biological Ionization Analysis should be performed at least monthly and as often as weekly at the discretion of your counselor during the course of your nutrition and lifestyle program.

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