This page is to address common questions about Coaching and myself as a qualified professional providing this service to you…

Question:  Hello Charlotte, would you be able to share what church do [you] attend? This is very important to me as [I] consider a Life Coach Counselor.

My Answer:  First, it’s very important that every client and potential client of Coaching services understands what a Life Coach is.  Please feel free to read the Pages and Articles on this website to get a feel for what is being offered to you, and I will add to this…
Life Coach and Counselor do not belong in the same title.  Although a Life Coach may be a Counselor, Therapist, or other type of professional, Life Coaching is not about Counseling or Therapy.  Life Coaching is about Coaching.
That said, my religious beliefs are not an aspect of the Life Coaching services I provide my clients.  As a Coach, I am not a Therapist or Counselor, nor a Naturopath, Minister, Guru, or any other professional in which I am administering treatment, therapy, or advice.  As a Coach I am helping you as you define your Vision of the person you want to be; I am helping you as you set your goals that will provide stepping stones toward your vision; I am helping you to be accountable to your own expectations.  Your Vision may be that you want to be spiritual, healthy, wealthy, or wise…  My function is to Coach you through the process to be successful.  After all, you are paying upfront for the services I provide.  You have invested in your success.


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