RBTI Water Program – handout


The breakdown of the Liver is the beginning of illness. When the Liver is flushed and regenerated, its enzymes are sent all over the body and numerous issues begin to disappear, as there is enough anionic (negatively ionic or alkaline) Liver bile to handle the cationic (positively ionic or acid) foods, which are eaten. Anionic juice of fresh Lemon, mixed 4 oz. to 36 oz. of distilled water, is the natural base for the six billion different Liver enzymes needed for every organ and gland in the body.

Fresh lemon juice combined with distilled water is taken each hour for 10 hours throughout the day. Healthy people do not need Lemon water. Most people are put on lemon water one or two days a week and others up to seven days a week. Normally a chronically ill person will go on a one to five day lemon water fast at the start of the program. The body cannot consume or assimilate more than four (4) ounces of a fluid at a time. If you drink more than that, you are overloading the system. The liver flushes every thirty (30) minutes. If you drink the water, lemonade, or other juices every half hour, you will time the release of the bile from the liver. When you do this, you get more energy out of the food you are eating and drinking. This causes you to become healthier. (note: only Freshly juiced lemon is used)

Why drink lemon water?

According to Dr. Reams, the liver bile that is produced in our bodies is a hydrochloric acid. This liver bile is anionic, which means that the electron in the outer shell rotates in a clockwise rotation. All the foods that we eat are cationic, which means that the electron in the outer shell rotates in a counter-clockwise rotation. When you mix these two substances, the anionic and the cationic together, you create friction because the electrons are rotating in opposite directions. This friction creates energy and this energy is what produces your ability to work, function, and live. Without this energy and friction, you will die. When the liver bile becomes too weak, there is not enough friction from the food you eat, and you do not get the energy out of the food. According to Dr. Reams, when your body is functioning at its peak, the most energy that you can get out of the food is 2% of the energy it contains. The lemonade is a diluted hydrochloric acid, and it is anionic. It is the only substance in nature that Dr. Reams has ever found that is anionic. When you drink the lemonade in a systematic basis, you create more friction in the body with the cationic foods. When you cause more friction, you are able to pick up more energy from the foods you eat, and that is the purpose of the lemonade. To get the proper anionic minerals, it is recommended that the widest possible variety of fruits and vegetables be eaten.

Anyone going on a Lemon juice program should follow the advice of a Reams practitioner. Lemon juice is a highly energetic food and if the person is not monitored, it may release toxins too. Occasionally, people with a highly inflamed stomach or ulcers cannot drink lemon water because of irritation to the inflamed tissue. In certain neurological conditions it can be detrimental, if not monitored properly, and could also be detrimental to someone with very seriously high or low blood sugar. Thus it is essential to follow the instructions of a practitioner trained in the biological theory of ionization. About one person in a thousand is allergic to lemon juice. A person already on insulin is considered to have serious blood sugar problems. It is all right for them to start slowly, they should not fast without supervision.


  1. Distilled water is very high-energy water. That means that the water molecules have very little waste product within them to tie up any of their magnetic energy. Hard water has a high Level of mineral carried inside the water molecule so that there is little available electromagnetic energy left to bond with other things the water comes into contact with. Therefore, hard water is a low-energy water, as well as being considered a dry water.
  2. Distilled water is the perfect water that nature prefers. Rain is water that is distilled without the assistance of man. Fog is distilled water before it is condensed into drops. Glaciers are collections of frozen water that may have accumulated over thousands of years. The water came from nature’s distillation program.
  3. Just keep in mind that the use of distilled water is preferred not because of the lack of mineral so much as because of the higher energy. Distilled water will move through the system and especially the liver better than low energy water. Since the body is 60 to 80 percent water, WATER is the chief catalyst and MEDIUM for all the energy reactions that take place there. Using the higher energy, wetter, distilled water will help assure that all the body’s metabolic environment is at its best hydration.
  4. Yes, a person can drink too much water, though under consumption is usually the rule.
  5. You should be aware that smaller amounts of water, more often is much better, because it allows the liver to make full and efficient use of the total water consumed. Your liver can usually use not more than three or four ounces of water efficiently during any thirty-minute period of time.
  6. It should be pointed out that there are a number of waters available for purchase in the supermarket. Only one of these is best, and that is steam-distilled water. Do not purchase deionized water. Deionized water is not for consumption within the human body.

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